The "Salumificio Corti", an artisan firm specialized in the production of typical Tuscan salumi, was opened soon after World War II. In 1991 the Corti family transformed the firm into an Ltd and changed its name into "Chianti Salumi S.r.l". In the heart of the chianti hills there are two modern factoriess, one for the production of salumi and the other for slicing and packaging, at the highest technological level, and production , nonetheless refined and skilled.

The development of the wide range of products existing in the market in "vacuum" or "controlled atmosphere" packages originates from the quality of the row material used, the traditional and artisan care, the combination of modern systems of production and the rigorous hygienical sanitary conditions and inspections.

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History of Chianti Salumi

Many years ago, in Tuscany, pork killing and processing was a job done by a man reffered to as the "Norcino". There was another character, who also knew about the work of pork processing; he was the "Treccone", a merchant who used to go around farms in the hills of the Chianti on his "Barroccio" (Horse chart), to buy animals to sell at city and town markets throughout Tuscany.

His travels made him an expert on changes in the market and on people's attitudes and habits. Over 100 years ago a member of the Corti family was one of those merchants-Treccone who decided to move on in the art of pork meat production (norcineria), and, since then, the techniques and recipes have passed from fathers to children.

Chianti salumi in the heart of Chianti

The area of Tuscany commonly known as "Chianti" is almost entirely comprised of wineyard, where Chianti Classico is produced. The area is oval-shaped, covers the hills between Florence and Siena and is composed of about 8 towns, one of which is Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, where our headquarter is located.

At Chianti Salumi we are proud of having the chance of working surrounded by precious vineyards, old borgos, ancient churches, castles and abbeys, embraced by a landscape resembling those drawn by hand by a famous artist.


Chianti salumi recipes with ham
INGREDIENTI 1 melone 200 gr: di formaggio magro fresco tipo Osella Succo di Limone Sale, pepe e olio extravergine d’oliva 150 gr: di prosciutto crudo PREPARAZIONE Ridurre a cubetti il formaggio, condirlo con una citronette fatta con olio, succo di limone, sale e pepe, e tenerlo un poco al fresco ad insaporire.Pulire 1 melone e, […]
Chianti salumi recipes with salami
INGREDIENTI (PER 2 PERSONE) 250 g. di fave sgusciate un cucchiaio abbondante di pecorino grattugiato alcune foglioline di menta o melissa 20 g. di mandorle spellate ( vanno bene anche gherigli di noce o pinoli) pepe 3-4 cucchiai di olio evo 1 baguette fette di salame di medie dimensioni: una ogni due crostini pecorino stagionato […]
Chianti salumi recipes with mortadella
INGREDIENTI 180 gr di mortadella, 1 rotolo di pasta sfoglia, 3 uova, 2 porri piccoli, 1 noce di burro, 250 ml di panna liquida Granarolo, 2 cucchiai di parmigiano gratuggiato, olio, sale e pepe q.b, PREPARAZIONE Private i porri della parte più dura e tagliateli a rondelle sottili. Fateli rosolare in un tegame per 10 […]


Chianti Salumi certifications

Bureau Veritas

In 2011 Chianti Salumi obtained two important certifications: BRC Food Global Standard and IFS International Food Standard.

Both standards prescribe the adoption of a quality-centered management system, focused on health and safety of food products, by using the implementation of HACCP methodology (Hazard Analisys and Critical Control Point)


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